What We Do

We are one of only a small handful of companies globally that prints genuine beer mats (or drip mats, bar coasters, bar mats or whatever else you want to call them) on a sustainably sourced and thoroughly absorbent pulp board. We have been printing custom mats using our own four-colour litho-printing press for over 15 years, here in the heart of England.

We specialise in small to medium sized runs of between 50 and 250,000 mats, but we can crank up the printing press and produce volumes in the millions when called for. Please do speak to us about your specific needs.

  • Beer Mat Printing

    Using our very own full colour litho-press we can turn your ideas and designs into beautiful, thoroughly absorbing and amazingly absorbent beer mats.

    Beer mats generally come as a traditional square or round mat. These are our two most popular shapes and are available as standard, usually within 10 working days.

    We also now offer a mini-round and a hexagon as ‘standard’ shapes, i.e., these can readily be printed in our usual production time frame.

  • Custom Shapes

    We are uniquely placed to offer the fastest and most cost-effective service when it comes to custom shapes. Our sister company next door manufactures cutting dies (basically cookie cutters for printed materials) and these can often be turned around in a matter of days.

    We are able to produce beer mats in almost any shape (within reason!) and given our long history of creating custom shapes for our customers we may already have the shape you want in our library. You can have a look at the shape library here.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    Our super-absorbent specialist board is imported from an FSC Certified source in Scandinavia.

    Our inks are vegetable-based, made from a mixture of renewable ingredients such as flax, safflower and soy. These may be more expensive than petroleum based ink but in our view this is a small cost worth paying.

    We recycle all of our waste card, either shredded for re-use as packaging, or taken away for full recycling.

    Finally, our beer mats are 100% RECYCLABLE.

  • Packaging

    Our aim is to be as sustainable with packaging as we are the actual product, but we must balance this with the need to keep the mats dry and safe in transit, along with the varying packaging requirements of our customers.

    We use recyclable plastic banding, cardboard containers and as little non-recyclable plastic as we reasonably can.

    Smaller orders are boxed and sent by courier, while larger orders are palletised and sent via a reliable haulage company.

  • Art and Design

    We want to make sure your ideas and designs become eye-catching beer mats as seamlessly and effectively as possible. We therefore offer a free design optimisation service which will ensure that your graphics and text are suitable for printing on beer mats.

    PDF proofs for you to approve are included in our prices.

    We can also offer a full design service. We will take your ideas and visual elements and design the beer mats for you. 

  • Corporate Responsibility

    In addition to thinking carefully about how we can make our product and service as environmentally sustainable as possible, we also take seriously our wider responsibilities as a company.

    We offer discounted beer mat printing to UK registered charities - talk to us for more details. 

    We support local suppliers where possible, and have our milk delivered in reusable glass bottles by a local dairy.

    We even buy ethical loo roll from Who Gives A Crap!

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