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Design Service

What this service does include…

Thirsty’s offer a basic design/layout service at £50 +VAT per mat, and this includes a different front and back, and one round of alterations after first proofs are sent if required. Subsequent changes are charged at £15 +VAT a time.


The service is for customers that know what they want but do not have the skills or software to produce the artwork in the required format.


This service requires a clear and detailed brief from you including ideas for:

  • Shape of mat;

  • Layout;

  • Colours;

  • Text fonts;

  • Borders and visual elements;

  • Text content.


Logos and photos for inclusion on the mat must be supplied to us in a usable format in a suitable resolution/quality. This may include vector graphics, jpg, png, etc. We will need to inspect these items before committing to using them in the designs.


What this service does NOT include…

Thirsty’s will not take the creative lead in the design process. This service does not extend to what we would deem “commissioned art”, for example, a customer asking us to draw a picture of X in the style of Y. Art is extremely subjective and what one person thinks is wonderful, someone else might hate! In this type of scenario the “quality” of the result is entirely down to personal taste.


We must therefore limit the service to the more “functional” parts of design and layout rather than the “creative”.



The design service is chargeable regardless of whether you then proceed to printing mats. If we have followed your brief but then you do not like the results we cannot be held responsible and the work must still be paid for.


The more information, visuals and ideas you can give us, the better the result will be!

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