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Our beer mats are not only a fantastic way to promote your brand and deliver your message to customers, but they are environmentally friendly too.

Our beer mat board is sourced from FSC certified suppliers, our inks are vegetable based, and the finished beer mat product is 100% recyclable.


Sustainably Sourced Board

Our super absorbent beer mat board is imported from Sweden and is manufactured by an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified organisation.

FSC certified means, in short, that wood based products are renewable and come from responsibly managed forests.


Vegetable Based Inks

We use vegetable based printing inks rather than the cheaper petroleum based inks. These inks produce lower emissions during the drying process and simplify the recycling process.

They are made of a mixture of renewable resources such as flax, safflower and soy.


Recyclable Product

Since our beer mats are made from wood pulp board and vegetable based inks, they are 100% recyclable. Once you're done with one, just throw it your paper recycling and it will go and be useful again.

We also recycle 100% of our waste paper/board. It is either shredded for use as packaging, or sent to the recycling plant to be turned into something new!

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