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Our Promise...

One of the jokes we have around the factory is that the World-Wide Web is full of big fat ugly tarantulas!! Nothing against tarantulas but boy is it frustrating to see the lies out there. Websites that look great but are full of lies lies and more damned lies.

People pretending to be manufacturers but don't have staff and taxes to pay, health and safety to comply to, deadlines to meet and constant rising costs to contend with. Surely, if you want to talk the talk you have got to be able to walk the walk?

People who say they make proper beermats but sandwich some board between two glue layers of paper which delaminate on the bar counter! Come on peeps, stop destroying our hard-working industry with your rubbish!

So what do Thirstys promise?

We promise we genuinely care about your order. Whether you are ordering 100 mats for your brother's birthday party or a million mats for your political party we want them to go out looking like the Belle of The Ball!!

We promise we only make genuine beermats. You won't find a pot of glue or a tub of screen-print inks anywhere in our building.

We promise we really ARE manufacturers. Sadly, the internet attracts a multitude of unsavoury characters who claim to be something they most definitely are not. Provided you promise to keep your fingers away from the machines, you are welcome to come visit us anytime to marvel at the beauties being born all around you!

We promise to dispatch on time, every time. If we tell you you are getting your mats by a certain date then that is when we have scheduled your mats in production. If we have a breakdown then we will work all hours to get up and running again. Short of tornadoes, hurricanes or the Apocalypse we WILL despatch your mats on time.

It's a Self-Respect Thing

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