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Our Product

The 'beermat' is often referred to as a dripmat, coaster, pulp-board mat or fibre-board drinks coaster, but none of these terms do it justice. We prefer to think of it as a fully functional media mat. This is because we can print virtually any design onto our beermats and, because of the materials we use and the way we manufacture, the mat remains true to its origins, soaking up spills, drips and liquid at the same time.

If you want to know just how eco friendly this little beauty is then please take a look at Our Environment.

Until we introduced our revolutionary production system, beermat ordering was restricted to bigger volume buyers like breweries.  Make no mistake, manufacturing genuine beermats is expensive! They are litho-press printed and as any printer knows, litho-printing is an expensive business. But, luckily, Thirstys have been true innovators, being the first beermat manufacturer in the world to allow custom beer mat printing to be purchased in much much smaller volumes.

Traditionally, customers had to order a minimum of 10,000 before a manufacturer was prepared to even look at their job. We simply had to redress this imbalance. Such a lovely little thing had to be made available to the many. We started by reducing the quantity to 2,500 as a minimum, then because so many customers started ordering, we were able to drop to 1,000 as a minimum. Then, so many customers asked for even smaller volumes so we took great pleasure in reducing to only 50 mats! In doing so, we have opened the market to everyone, from the wedding planner organising 100 mats for the reception, to the established business wanting an innovative and inexpensive way of promoting their Twitter address on a beer mat.

Whether you want 50 beermats or several million, Thirstys can deliver!

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