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Special Applications

The humble little beermat takes a lot of beating when it comes to it's versatility. The fact it has a dual function in not only getting a message across but also absorbing spills and protecting tables make it the ideal vehicle for special campaigns. 

Certain inks have been developed for certain purposes and we can work with you to see if these special applications offer the right solution for your campaign.

For example, we can produce a beermat with an over-print where if the recipient holds it between finger and thumb the message reveals itself beneath. We can produce a mat with a scratch and win type application much like a normal scratch card but with the added bonus that the recipient can use the mat over and over again under a glass or mug... taking the branding even further.

Generally campaigns of this nature only become viable, cost-wise, from a quantity of 50 000 mats due to the specialist nature of the ink and the additional processes involved. 

If you don't need as many but still want something special then we could, on a minimum of only 1000, produce a mat with a 'gloss varnish' finish over elements of the print. So for example if you want your logo to really stand out we can overlay just the logo in a shiny clear finish. For pricing simply add £240 plus VAT flat fee to the appropriate volume price found in our Price List. For volumes above 5 000 please fill in our Request Quote Form giving us as much detail as you can.

Beemats can be used for other applications as well.... not just placed under a glass. For example, you may want to use the mat as a Swing Tag because it is so robust and wholly customisable. Just tell us what type of cord you are thinking of, the approximate length of the cord and when you need delivery and we will cost accordingly. Again the quickest way to get a price is to submit a Request Quote Form and we will revert back as soon as possible. There is no minimum quantity on stringing, only a starting price of £75.00 plus VAT. 

How about replacing your postcards for Beermat Postcards instead? Again, they are robust and will easily make it through the postal system without an envelope. You can write on a beermat and they are fantastic for the recipient because your postcard will be dual purpose! They will keep it on their desk under their coffee mug at work or next to their bed or telephone at home... always at hand to refer back to.

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