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Seasonal Designs

One of the great things about dealing with us at Thirstys is that we are so fast and responsive. When you have an idea you will probably be all excited and want it put into action straight-away! 

Thirstys coasters are ideal for launching events such as Christmas parties, lunches, carol singing, church services and Christmas related merchandise or gifts. They are equally suited to delivering safety messages such as ‘don’t drink and drive’, keeping presents hidden etc. Similarly, they can be used to send clients a branded thank you message for their patronage. Unlike a card, the coaster has a real use and is likely to be found on the clients desk, counter or table where it will be branding your business and confirming your relationship with the business or organisation. A useful endorsement for any business or organisation. Or why not use them instead of a boring RSVP card?

Occasions such as Halloween, Easter and Guy Fawkes Night are times where pubs, clubs, local authorities and business people promote events. Using coasters to promote the event, service or product is a perfect fit, given leisure events are normally considered during leisure times and where do your find beer coasters, on desks, tables and counters, as well as in pubs, clubs and staff canteens?  An eye catching design with a compelling message and a call to action, placed in the right environment will provide the best return on investment of any advertising medium. Why go for an expensive ‘scattergun’ approach when you can carefully target your message?

If Valentines Day is on the horizon and you suddenly think of a great idea to promote your establishment, product or service then beermat coasters are the perfect way to convey that message. They are interactive, fun and highly versatile.

You generally don't need to wait much more than a week before you see your wonderful idea in print. If you have a designer in-house great, if not we can usually come up with a design for you within 24 hours.  

Landlords and Ladies.. why not do something special for your patrons at Christmas? Even just adding some holly over your normal pub pic gets everyone into the festive spirit. Just call us .. we'll sort it all out for you. For more ideas specifically for you go to our dedicated section: Pubs and Wine Bars.


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