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Packing and Delivery Specs

Our standard packing specifications are as follows: 
  • 50 to 100 mats - banded in 25's, bubble-wrapped and sent out in a courier satchel. 
  • 250 to 1,000 mats - banded in 125's, shrink-wrapped in polythene. 
  • Courier Packs - 1,000 to 25,000 - banded in 125's, 8 x inners per shrink of 1,000 mats. Maximum of 4,000 mats per outer shrink. 
  • Palletised Freight - banded in 125's, 8 x inners per shrink of 1,000 mats. Packed 100,000 per pallet for European destinations and 125,000 per pallet for UK freight. 
  • The shrink-wraps are tight, secure and weather-proof. 
  • Our mats weigh 5kg per 1000. shrink3
  • One standard pack of 1000 measures 200mm x 380mm x 180mm in height.    


Customised Packing and Packaging
  • If you need your mats packed or packaged in a certain way then we are sure we can accommodate!
  • You may need one of each of several designs packed in custom-made boxes or in gripper bags. 
  • You may need different volumes sent to several addresses. 
  • You may need several designs sent to certain addresses and others sent elsewhere.

We are quite used to unusual requests and pride ourselves on our flexibility and can-do attitude. Simply fill in our Request Quote Form, giving us as much detail as possible, and we will revert back with prices asap. 

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