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Money Back Guarantee

Our unique Money Back Guarantee is aimed at providing our customers with some peace of mind regarding their delivery schedule and our commitment to the promises we make. All too often, manufacturers and printers over promise and under deliver. We are prepared to demonstrate our absolute commitment with a money back guarantee. However, there must be a few conditions and caveats and in the spirit of transparency, these are detailed in plain English below.moneyback-150

This guarantee

  1. is not available to third parties such as agencies, agents, dealers and brokers.
  2. is subject to the order having been pre-paid in accordance with our terms where appropriate.
  3. is limited to the amount paid for the original order, or proportion thereof, if part delivered.
  4. does not cover any consequential loss, including, but not limited to design costs, couriers and so on, incurred by the customer but not charged by us.
  5. the customer having met all their obligations such as delivering acceptable artwork on time.
  6. is offered in respect of dispatch to the courier and not delivery which is beyond our control.
  7. the dispatch time is referenced in our order confirmation and will not apply if any changes are made subsequent to the confirmation being issued.
  8. excludes events beyond our direct control e.g: Acts of God, Political Unrest, Strikes etc.
  9. The Money Back Guarantee does not apply to the following; special offers, special shapes, special packaging, delivery dates where they have been agreed on a 'best endeavours' basis or any order where the dispatch date is 2 weeks or less from receipt of acceptable artwork and payment..

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