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Home Pubs and Bars Special Offer

Thirsty's Bespoke Beer Mat Printers are the choice printers for a long list of the UK and Ireland's leading craft breweries, distilleries, pub chains, restaurants, branding agencies, charities, taxi firms and local councils.


We are an actual beer mat printer (one of only two remaining in the UK), and not one of the many re-sellers, print farms or peddlers of sub-standard alternatives. We print 100% genuine beer mats - the exact type you've known from down the pub for decades. Now you can have your own for your home bar!

We have created a new offer especially for members of Facebook groups about shed pubs, home bars, garden drinking dens and basement nightclubs.

What's the offer?

- 94mm square or 94mm round genuine litho-printed beer mats

- Different artwork front and back (or the same if you want)

- Printed using eco-friendly vegetable based inks on absorbent pulp board from FSC Certified sources


- 125 Mats for £60!

- 250 Mats for £72!


- Price includes VAT and FREE UK mainland delivery

- One design per order (with different front/back included as standard). Quantity cannot be split over multiple designs at this price.

- Usable, high quality artwork must be supplied as per our design specifications for this price to apply. More on artwork below.

- Quote discount code "FACEBOOK" when you order

How do I order?

You can order via our order page which is here. Please put the discount code "FACEBOOK" in the comments section of the order form.

Alternatively you can email us at, sending your artwork along with billing/delivery details.

Once we have received usable artwork our graphic designers will produce PDF proofs showing how your mats will look. You must approve the proofs for us to proceed with the order.

How long will my order take?

We aim to deliver within 10-15 working days of the approval of artwork. The lead time way well be less than this but it largely depends on when your order comes in and our next print date for small quantities.

We will be able to give you an exact delivery date when you send your order in, or you can contact us to ask about delivery dates.

In order to produce genuine litho-press printed beer mats in small quantities like this, we have to group multiple orders together on to print runs so that all the costs of artwork prep, plating, print make-ready/calibration, etc are shared between as many as 35 customers. For this reason it is not possible to simply print one small order on it's own. We have to wait until sufficient orders have come in and a print run can be performed economically. This is generally around 10 working days, give or take a few days. 

How to I pay?

Once you have approved the proofs we will email you an invoice with payment details and a link to a credit/debit card payment page. You can pay via BACS transfer or securely with major credit and debit cards via WorldPay.

We require payment before we dispatch goods.

What about artwork?

For this offer to apply we need to receive ready-to-print, high quality artwork. We can also help with your artwork for a fee, more details below.

If you are producing your own artwork please follow these basic guidelines. More detailed guidelines are available here.

Tip 1: Ideally artwork should be created as vector graphics in software such as Adobe Illustrator. If this is not possible then we can accept high resolution JPG or TIFF images, but we are not able to adjust or manipulate these images if required.

Tip 2: Total artwork size should be 100mm x 100mm for either square or round mats. This includes 3mm of "bleed" all around which will be cut off after printing.

JPEG 94mm Square Template.jpg
JPEG 94mm Round Template.jpg

Tip 3: Create your designs bearing in mind that the mats will be cut along the pink line, and all important details and imagery should be within the blue lines.

Tip 4: Avoid small fonts and very thin lines - think about visibility at 100% size once printed.

Tip 5: Colours printed on beer mat board will appear less bright/vibrant than they appear on your backlit computer or phone screen. Also bear in mind the contrast between adjacent colours - dark text on a dark background may not show clearly in print.

Tip 6: If your design features a border we advise making this border no less than 8mm all around (plus the 3mm bleed). Excessively narrow borders may appear uneven after cutting if the cut is even 1/2 a mm off centre, which must be allowed for.

Tip 7: Colours should be set to CMYK/Process and not pantones or RGB. Non CMYK colours will have to be converted to CMYK and may appear different in print.

Can Thirsty's help with artwork?

YES! We know not everyone has the knowhow or software to produce their own beer mat designs. We can help. Whether you simply need a logo placing on a round mat for you, or you need a full design service, we can accommodate.

It is difficult to have a set price for this type of work because the scope of work could be anything from adding a line of text to an existing design, to full artwork production. Talk to us about your needs and we will take a sensible view on the cost, from £5 for small adjustments to £50 for full design work (ex VAT).

What you need to provide...

This service requires a clear and detailed brief from you including ideas for:

  • Shape of mat;

  • Layout;

  • Colours;

  • Text fonts;

  • Borders and visual elements;

  • Text content.


Logos and photos for inclusion on the mat must be supplied to us in a usable format in a suitable resolution/quality. This may include vector graphics, jpg, png, etc. We will need to inspect these items before committing to using them in the designs.


What this service does NOT include…

Thirsty’s will not take the creative lead in the design process. This service does not extend to what we would deem “commissioned art”, for example, a customer asking us to draw a picture of X in the style of Y. Art is extremely subjective and what one person thinks is wonderful, someone else might hate! In this type of scenario the “quality” of the result is entirely down to personal taste.


We must therefore limit the service to the more “functional” parts of design and layout rather than the “creative”.



The design service is chargeable regardless of whether you then proceed to printing mats. If we have followed your brief but then you do not like the results we cannot be held responsible and the work must still be paid for.


The more information, visuals and ideas you can give us, the better the result will be!

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