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Free Beer Mats for Landlords

Whilst many of the major breweries have reduced the number of beer mats made available to pubs and taverns, there are many other organisations that are more than happy to supply beer mats at their cost. 

Beer mats are not consigned to history as some pessimists would have us believe, in fact, advertising on beermats is very much alive and kicking. The only difference is the products being marketed or the messages being delivered. These could be anything from a company advertising their new range of peanuts, through to a Government sponsored campaign advising against drinking and driving. One thing is certain, your patrons will never get bored.

Customers are the reason we all survive and, hopefully prosper...and they love beer mats. So, why deprive them of something the want, especially when it is cost neutral? It is a 'win win' situation for all concerned. 

As the manufacturer, we are prepared to act as the intermediary between landlords that want free beer mats and businesses that are happy to supply them free of charge. For our part, we will, based on the information you provide on your Registration Form, supply only appropriate beer mats for your premises (i.e. family friendly etc) and dropship then direct to your door. All we ask from you, is that they are placed on the bar and tables, giving your patrons what they want and protecting your bar from drips and spills. 

If you are tenant or freeholder and want to promote your own products, such as Sky Sports, specials or food, then we offer some great rates on bespoke beer mats, the choice is ultimately yours. Perhaps you will decide to have a combination of the two?

So...if you want to benefit from free beer mats, please complete our short online 'Registration Form'. Unless you have asked us to, we are not going to cold call you and we are not going to add you to an email list. Our business is beer mats and any communications we have will be on topic. 

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