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You Do It

If you have chosen to distribute your own mats then you are welcome to tap into our experience for the best way to execute the job. 

If you are ordering a few thousand mats but need us to split your shipments and courier them direct to venues we will, no problem, just send us a spreadsheet of addresses to include a contact person and phone number. You can even include a covering letter which we will print off and shrink wrap into the packs if you like. 

For the larger volumes, many organisations and charities have armies of volunteers who are geared up to distribute to appropriate venues. If you have such an army then all we need to know is how you want us to pack and deliver them. 

If they are destined for pubs then it is handy to know that the average UK pub consumes 1000 mats a month. As standard we pack in 125's and then 1000's but if you prefer we can pack in 125's and then 500's. That way, if it is a smaller venue they get one pack or a busier venue they get three packs. This makes it more versatile for you. 

Similarly, we will need to know where we are delivering to. It may seem silly but it really is not a good idea to consign 100 000 mats to the fifth floor of an office block!!

In the main, 30 000+ mats go on pallets and fewer go via courier. If they are going on pallets then we need to know if they have a loading bay and forklift on site. If not then we will have to allocate a tail-lift lorry to deliver your order. These things are important especially if you are situated on a busy road with double yellows. 

We can part ship to different destinations if needed... some on pallets, some via courier. It's all down to what works best for you and your campaign people.

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