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Stock Designs

Whether it is speed, convenience or cost, not everyone wants or needs a unique design to deliver their message on a Thirstys Beermat and we have recognised and embraced this aspect of our customers imperatives.

We have a series of 'Stock Designs' which cover many themes and are suitable for both personal or business use. These designs have areas in which the customer can determine the text that will be overlaid in pre-determined places on our stock image. Depending on the type of design chosen, this may include a business or personal name, website address or phone number. 

A selection of Stock Designs, by special occasion or industry type are available to be viewed on request. Simply call or e-mail us to discuss your particular needs.

The benefits of using our Stock Designs include:

  1. Reduced Cost: Using a Stock Design means that you do not have to outsource the design of your beer mat or spend time in its creation.
  2. Time: As our Stock Designs are available 'off the shelf' the lead time for ordering is substantially reduced given all we need to proceed is your personalised text, preferred stock image and payment to proceed.
  3. Royalties: No need to worry about purchasing images for your design and royalty payments, we take care of this aspect for all stock designs.
  4. Design Quality: Our designs are tried and tested on our board, so we know, and you can be assured, that the design will have impact and presence.

Customers should note, that because the Stock Designs are, for all intents and purposes a template, placement of text and/or images will be pre-determined. We will provide you with the variables, such as fonts, content and size and these will then be set within the design template for our graphic designers to edit and amend to your specs.

Alternatively, if you prefer to submit your own bespoke design, we are happy to accept your submissions and invite you to view our Artwork Specifications which are a very important part of the ordering process.

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