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Pub Distribution

Do you have a new product about to launch, a public awareness or safety campaign, a special offer or an event to advertise? Want to get directly to your target audience while they are at their most relaxed? If you have decided to use Thirstys Beermats as your advertising medium then Thirstys Pub Distribution service may be just what you need! Thirstys operate a programe of 'free beer mats for landlords' who have indicated a willingness to place beer mats in their premises.

No matter how great your beermats look, unless you can get them in front of your target audience they will not be as affective as you wish.

There are loads of ways to get beermats out there, in the post as part of a targeted mail shot, inserted in a trade publication or newspaper, handed out at shows, exhibitions or in the street, placed on conference tables or counters or the most famous of all, you could put them in pubs!

Beer mats placed in pubs are a really effective way of communicating a message to people when they are at their most responsive, in relaxed surroundings, with their friends and colleagues.

Thirstys offer two levels of pub distribution service:

Multi-Drop: You tell us where the beermats need to go and we make sure they get there safely via courier.

Enlist and Drop: You tell us which areas you want to target, we elicit the support of pubs in that area to host your beer mat campaign and we deliver the mats safely to the pub door.

If you want to speak to a human regarding your Pub Distribution requirements or to get a quote then give us a call on 01604 231280 and we will be happy to talk everything through with you, alternatively you can send us a message.


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