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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that visitors to our site are often busy people. Therefore, we have put together a series of the most Frequently Asked Questions, together with the answers. If your question is not addressed here, or elsewhere on this site, please be sure to let us know and we will update our FAQ's.
  • 1. Can I have more than one design?

    Yes. Your designs may differ from front to back at no extra charge.

    You may have several fronts and several different reverse depending on your order quantity and turnaround time. There may or may not be a cost implication on multiples so please feel free to call and discuss this with us.

    If you have that many designs we may have to print your designs on a dedicated production run.

  • 2. What effect will the absorbency of your board have on my colours?

    This question has a wide range of answers and starts with…


    1. Depends on your colour - as a general rule anything with a magenta content tends to 'warm up' on beermat board. The board is not white-white (due to EU bleaching regulations.. which is a good thing.. to prevent the pollution of our water systems). It is an almost 'ivory' white which reflects light at a different frequency to white-white. If we had to be drawn on it we would say the board has a 9% yellow tint to it before the mat is even born.  


    2. Depends on your colour - how clean is your colour as a CMYK split? If you have a 15% black tint in the design it may dull the colour down somewhat. If you want bright and cheery then stick to the cleanest process colour splits.  


    3. Depends on your colour - as a general rule, photographic and busy designs are better for beermats than flat solid backgrounds.  


    4. Depends on you -  do you expect a certain colour to look the same on a T-Shirt as it does on a TV screen? If so, then maybe beermats aren't the best media choice for you.  


    5. Depends on the weather - because the board is so absorbent it sucks in moisture from the air so on wet days we have to compensate on press but it is by no means scientific. We would love to work in temperature and humidity controlled environments but alas, the prices we charge do not allow for this luxury.  We have decades of experience printing on this substrate so, if you're worried about something, talk to us - we will soon give you a good feel for what you can expect. Don't worry, be happy - a beermat is what it is and should be celebrated for it's individual personality!

  • 3. What if I only need one or two colours printed?

    We convert all colours to process colours on our low volume runs. As we are printing in full colour anyway, it is irrelevant to the run if you need fewer colours printed and therefore the price does not change. Most customers use this to their advantage and design their mats to a full colour spec.


    Some colours may have to be printed as spot colours e.g.: metallic colours. In a case like this you either compromise on a CMYK split of the colour required or speak to us about doing a dedicated print run. For more information, visit our page, Considering Colour.

  • 4. Do we get to see a proof before you print our mats?

    Yes. Once we receive your artwork we vet it to ensure it is press-ready. If it is, we then produce an onscreen PDF proof for you to ‘sign off’ before we schedule your order for production.


    Don’t worry, if we are at all concerned about the printability of certain elements of your design we will point this out at proof stage so it can be rectified before we go to press. Similarly, please feel free to call us if you wish to discuss any concerns you may have about how your mats will look in the flesh.

  • 5. What if I want a special shape?

    Square mats are the most popular shape offering a decent print area. Custom-shaped mats can be ordered no problem but we do ask you to remember that special tooling comes at a price. Generally we ask for a minimum order volume of 5000 mats to make it viable for you to go that extra mile cost-wise but we will certainly produce fewer if requested to do so.

  • 6. How must I send artwork or can you do it for us?

    Please follow the appropriate Artwork Specification Sheet if you are providing print-ready artwork. We do offer a design facility in-house so for £50 per beermat we can come up with a bespoke design for you if given an accurate brief.

  • 7. How are the mats packed?

    We pack the mats in stacks of 125 and then over-wrap them in batches of 1000. 1000 mats weigh 4.6kg and measure 380mm x 190mm x 150mm (H).

  • 8. How do we order and pay?

    Please use our online Sales Order Form. Once we have reviewed and approved your order, we will e-mail you a Sales Order Confirmation/ Pre-Payment Invoice. All the details are on there.

  • 9. What is beermat board?

    Beermat board is a highly specialised type of board that is specially designed to absorb liquid eg: the drips from a coffee mug or the condensation droplets from a glass. After a short while, depending on the humidity of the room, this moisture evaporates and the beermat is then ready for re-use to absorb further spills.

  • 10. How are your Beer Mats made?

    We litho-press print directly onto very large sheets of beermat board.  We either print one big volume buyer on the whole sheet or we print lots of smaller volume buyers together on the same sheet. In the case of the latter it is only by having lots of smaller volume buyers together that the significant set-up costs are amortised over the group allowing a genuine beermat to be affordable to the many.


    Once printed the sheets lie overnight on pallets to dry. The following day we cut them still in large sheet format in whichever shape has been ordered and then pack appropriately.

  • 11. Are your beer mats ECO friendly?

    Boy are they? How many products do you know that are not only 100% fully recyclable in your card waste bins but are also made FROM already recycled card waste? We buy two grades of sheeted pulp. One grade is made from virgin fibres sourced from sustainable forests - this means at least one tree is planted for every tree that is felled for use in the board-making process.


    The second grade is pulped using 85% already recycled paper with the additional 15% coming in using virgin fibres as described above.  Thirstys will never use any substrate that does not adhere to basic eco-friendly principles... it's gospel around ours! The other little nicety is that all our skeletons and make-ready boards are sent back to be put through the recycling process once again to come back to us to print on at a later date!

  • 12. Are you a manufacturer?

    Sounds like a silly question but you wouldn't believe how many 'people' out there claim to be something they're not. Customers often ask us this because they have had their fingers burned by using unscrupulous 'people' who neither own the means of production nor have any sway over those who do. They promise the earth at ludicrously low prices but cannot deliver on those promises because their suppliers point blank refuse to perform. When you ARE the manufacturer you have all the tools and skills at your disposal and can sing like a canary down the mine when the need arises!

  • 13. Are you based in the UK?

    Yes, our offices and factory are situated in Northampton which is just off the M1 and approximately 60 miles north of London.

  • 14. Where can I get prices?

    You can e-mail yourself a range of prices from our Prices Page or you are very welcome to call us to go through your thought processes.. well, your thought processes on beermats that is!

  • 15. Do you offer any Guarantees?

    It's hard to know who to trust nowadays. We get that; which is why we have made such a song and dance on this website about previous customers who have taken the time to write and thank us. Every one of our Testimonials is 100% bona fide and can be inspected by writing to our webmaster: webmaster[at] In addition to the guarantee that comes with our fiercely guarded reputation, we also offer a Money Back Guarantee.

  • 16. How long does it take to receive my order?

    Our whole business is centred on deadlines. Anybody in print will totally understand that. It all starts with your artwork. When your artwork is in and approved the clock starts ticking for us. It is at this point that we can usually give you a confirmed delivery date. We have to jump through a lot of hoops to get your order to you in time and looking smart. With litho-press printing it is all about getting your designs on plates to go on press in time for all the other pieces of the jigsaw to fit.


    If you tell us when you would ideally (and realistically) like to receive your order we can generally give you a yay or nay to the possibility of that happening there and then but will not confirm until your artwork is in and approved for press.