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Beer Mats - Facts, Trivia and Records

Although we have all become accustomed to seeing beer mats in pubs, clubs and working mens clubs, they also have a rich history. We have listed below some interesting and less well known facts and trivia about the not so humble beermat.

For those with an interest in beer mats (also referred to as beer coasters), we have put together a brief History of the Beer Mat.


Did you know.....

  • Beermats were originally placed on top of the glass.. not under it .. to keep insects and dirt out!
  • Beermat Board is 100% recyclable
  • People write their bar bills on a beermat in many European countries
  • Drip mats are one of the oldest promotional advertising tools known to man
  • Beer mats were originally made of 'felt' but beermat board was developed through the ages as the hygienic alternative
  • Were first patented by a German called Robert Sputh in 1882
  • A beermat collector is called a 'Tegestologist'
  • You can write on a beermat
  • The world's largest beer mat was created by Carlsberg, in Denmark. It measured 15 metres in diameter and had a thickness of 6 cm
  • An estimated 5.5 billion beer mats are made every year world-wide
  • Morecambe and Wise were the first Presidents of the British Beermat Collectors Society (BBCS)
  • Rubbing a beer mat with moist bread will draw most of the stains out


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