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Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Without doubt, the most effective marketing is when it is targeted, ideally when your audience is at their most receptive. As long ago as the 1920’s, some of the pioneering breweries recognised this and used beer mats to promote their ales. They understood, that a product designed to catch drips and protect beer was also directly in the line of sight of the very people they wanted to communicate with. Hence the introduction of advertising messages on beer mats.

Of course, as with most printed products, the only way to achieve an acceptable price was to place orders for substantial volumes and this meant that the benefits of advertising on beer mats was the sole preserve of breweries and a very small number of large organisations.

Fast forward 80 years and with the introduction of new manufacturing processes pioneered by UK beer mat manufacturer Thirstys and the market has been completely opened up. Now advertising on a beer mat can be enjoyed by any business, organisation or, for that matter, individual at a price that places it at a fraction of the cost of a similarly priced advertisement in a local newspaper. Beer mats have evolved and finally, advertisers can derive the same benefits previously only available to companies able and willing to order millions of beer mats.

Of course today, it is probably inaccurate to describe the product as a beer mat and Thirstys have willingly given way to descriptions such as drip mats, coasters, beer coasters, media mats, advertising mats and info mats. You are as likely to see a beer mat depicting an advertisement for tea, as you are traditional ale or a pizza rather than a spirit. In fact, many marketing companies recognise that their message will be delivered when the consumer is in his or her most receptive mood, often with friends, colleagues or family and many, have as a consequence, introduced some interactivity to their marketing message to further engage with the consumer.

Suppliers and those involved in the delivery of food and beverages to the consumer have recognised that they can use coasters to promote their products directly to their patrons in an unobtrusive, engaging and inclusive way. Coasters are the perfect medium to show new products, including drinks, cocktails, or perhaps different varieties of teas and coffees. Coupled with a promotion, offer or prize, the coaster is your friend, not only acting the part of a traditional mat, but also actively working on increasing your profits by selling more products. For those selling food, the coasters can be used to actively cross-sell other snacks and meals.

One of the biggest bonuses for those seeking to use coasters as an advertising medium, is that they are inexpensive, do not have to be purchased in large volumes and can, therefore, be used and re-used to deliver different campaign messages depending on the time of year or even the time of day. Whether you are considering placing your coasters on a bar or a counter, it is, nonetheless an advertising space and coasters are, unlike some other mediums, something people expect to see on a bar. Consumers pick them up, flip them, read them or take them home. Irrespective, it is delivering your message in an inoffensive and natural way. Who could ask for anything more?

Thirstys coasters have been used to promote many messages on behalf of the food and beverage industry and these would include, but is not limited to the following;

  • To strengthen the brand recognition or tea and coffee products
  • To promote new soft-drinks and juices
  • To advertise new cocktails and include details of the ingredients
  • To offer 'unlimited refills' on coffee, teas or soft drinks
  • For special offers such as a 2 for 1 deal
  • To support major brands direct to the consumer
  • For competitions and prizes
  • As a loyalty tool
  • To cross-sell other products such as snacks, meals, ice creams and food menus

We are at our most receptive when we are in a relaxed atmosphere, be this at home, in our local or at a bar amongst friends and family. We are open to new ideas, concepts and products...marketeers and business people are increasingly extolling the virtues of using coasters to increase engagement and, ultimately, improve profits. Make sure you don't miss the boat...because the secret is out.


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