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As any printer will tell you .. great prints start with great artwork. You want to receive great mats .. we want to produce great mats. 

You may be a design professional who has designed hundreds of pieces of artwork before. If you are, then you will already know that each print substrate has it's own particular set of personality traits. If you aren't, then please just take our word for it. 

Beermat board is a highly evolved, specialist type of material that has been honed and engineered over almost one hundred years..... it is not just any common-or-garden type of card or board.

It is super-absorbent and wants to, by it's very nature, protect your desks, tables and bar counters. This has to be factored in and respected when thinking up a design.   

In order to help us to produce the best possible mat for your particular purpose we believe it is incumbent upon us to provide you with the know-how.

To make your job hassle-free and fool-proof we have put together a few quick-fire Artwork Specification Sheets to follow. They are available for square with rounded corners and round. Please download them here: Square, Round.

  • If you are unsure and need further assistance then please watch our 3 minute tutorial
  • If you want to make your life easier, we have provided some templates with bleed and cut-line guides which are available in the following formats, AI, PSD and PNG from our Downloads Section, or download the zipped PDF's here: Square, Round. Alternatively, you can download the complete pack of Templates for Square and Round Beer Mats in AI, EPS, PSD and PNG here.
  • If you are still unsure, then you may find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions
  • If you are still unsure then perhaps we had better design it for you!

We charge £50.00 for one front and one differing reverse design if we have to design your mat from scratch. If we have to make simple amends to your already 'ok' design then we probably won't charge you at all.

If you know beermats are for you then please simply click the Place Order button above and you will be guided through our simple ordering process ... it's all very very easy!

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